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On this site we aim to save you your two most precious commodities: time and money. We do this by providing you with a selection of basic information on the subject of furnishing your hous e, so you can get that much closer to your dream home!

Completely new to home remodelling? Don't worry. Here at Home Upgrade we divide the information into sections and categories and try to provide you with a basic introduction to the subject, as if you were a complete newcomer.

Whether your remodelling project is geared towards improving your home, or adding value to a property, the one thing that cannot be over-emphasised is the importance of planning. The more you have planned out in advance, the more time, money and effort you will save in the long run.

A remodelling project can serve two purposes. It can add an extra spark to a home that needs a change, or even add value to the property. If you follow the basic advice on this site, you will be be off to an excellent start.